//   Cultural Heritage and climate risk: Putting Copernicus earth observation data to work in the Mediterranean region

Tuesday 8 Nov 2022
 Stijn Vermoote
Stijn Vermoote
Head User Outreach and Engagement, ECMWF

Stijn Vermoote, a Belgian national, is the Head of the User Outreach and Engagement Section at ECMWF. He holds a MSc degree in Environmental Engineering (University of Leuven) and a MSc degree in Management Sciences (University of Namur). He has over 20 years of experience in project management, business development and EU funding cycle management in both the private and public sector. Stijn worked for seven years as Research Programme Officer at the European Commission within the Climate and Environmental Risks and Space research programmes and contributed to the preparation and implementation of the Copernicus Programme since 2010. He joined ECMWF in 2015 and since 2020, he is leading ECMWF’s section on user outreach and engagement at the service of its user communities within ECMWF Member and Co-operating States, WMO and other UN bodies, the EU institutions and it's Member States. The Section unites ECMWF resources to maintain and increase user uptake, satisfaction and experience, to explore partnerships and opportunities to unlock new potential applications and to provide training and knowledge transfer with the ultimate objective to support ECMWF strategic objectives to enhance impact of its core NWP, Copernicus and DestinE activities. 

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