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Thursday 2 Mar 2023
Mr. Ioannis Mardikis
Mr. Ioannis Mardikis
Director of the Circular Economy and Climate Institute of the EPLO, Hellenic Republic

Project Manager of the Interreg-MED Green Growth Community (horizontal project). Project manager in the Interreg-MED electromobility project EnerNETMob. Communication manager, project manager in Blue Fasma, Blue Deal Interreg-MED projects. Project manager in ENI-CBC MED project “Green Buildings” on behalf of the Region of Peloponnese.

Main advisor on topics related with Circular Economy link with the market in “ReBrain Greece” initiative of the Greek Ministry of Labour. Participation in a team of experts that implemented advocacy projects related with circular economy (hazardous waste & sorting-recycling), contacting the EU officials of the Directorate General of Environment. Monitoring of the development and funding of a project related with the creation of an olive oil refinery and biomass products’ exploitation in Crete. Development and monitoring of a private funded project for the installation of a biomass boiler, of 1.2MWClient: SEKA SA. Responsible for 3 major events under the auspices of the European Commission related to “Circular Economy and insularity: “Circle 2018”, “Circle+Smile” 2019, “Circle the MED” 2020. Responsible for the implementation of 2 waste management studies for the morphology of solid waste of the islands of Lesvos and Syros. Shareholder, manager in companies of the private health sector - Biologist/ Strategic Marketing.

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