Mon 27 Jun - Tue 28 Jun 2022
Shaping a Circular Blue Economy in the Mediterranean
Dr. Charaf M’Rabet
Tunisian Association for the Development of Artisanal Fishing (ATDEPA), ENI-CBC FISH MED NET project

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Dr. Charaf M’Rabet is a senior expert in fisheries, aquaculture and blue economy. She holds an Engineering Degree in « Halieutiques and Marine environement » from the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia and a postgraduation diploma from Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany from the Centre of Excellence NF-POGO. She worked on several topics related to climate and environmental change uncluding plastic pollution and jellyfish blooms. Over the last 3 years, she has been managing and coordinating several national and international projects in the field of sustainable development, fishery diversification, aquaculture, artisanal fisheries, socio-economic development and blue economy ; under European, FAO and AVSI projects. Concomitantly to her carrer managing project, she is also collaborating with scientific projects from Europ and Asia