The Mediterranean Sea constitutes a cross road of continents and the main link among EU countries, Asia and Middle East, bearing a huge load of maritime activities that need to be monitored in an efficient way.

Blue Economy is aiming to inspire and help young entrepreneurs realize the innovative concepts relating to marine resources, introduce promising business opportunities, create new jobs, and transform traditional processes into more productive and sustainable activities.

Moreover, it enhances the dissemination and transferability of projects’ results, consequently ensuring a wider and deeper impact towards external stakeholders, contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the Mediterranean area through innovative investments.

Circle The MED targets to
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and application of best practices, improving the impact of implemented projects at both MED and European level
  • Support Mediterranean clusters in their transnational activities processes
  • Disseminate capitalized results and knowledge through dialogue among researchers, higher education, decision makers, representatives of EU, national, regional, local institutions and citizens for evidence-based policy making
  • Improve the portability of results and best practices by ensuring a broader impact on external stakeholders and increase the socio-economic development of the Mediterranean through innovative investments in the Blue Economy sector
  • Allow an integrated approach to key actors at transnational level.

This is Circle the MED

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