Green Growth leads to sustainable development and can promote innovation in fields like agriculture, agri-business, bio-agriculture, bio-food, products’ transformation and commercialization. It also involves sectors like energy efficiency, green procurements, eco-innovation, waste management-recycling and smart cities.

Green Growth targets to
  • Create bridges among Mediterranean clusters in a way to promote innovation and knowledge.
  • Bring together stakeholders from the quadruple helix
  • Adapt innovation in energy efficiency planning and introduce new methods for more feasible green procurements
  • Promote novelties in cities’ management and innovative solutions in order to create new jobs and new opportunities especially for young scientists.

Circle the MED will create links and externalize the MED community's member’s efforts towards innovation.

We will be focusing on Green Growth policies which are an integral part of the structural reforms needed to foster strong, more sustainable and inclusive growth. They can unlock new growth engines by:

  • Enhancing productivity by creating incentives for greater efficiency in the use of natural resources, reducing waste and energy consumption, unlocking opportunities for innovation and value creation.
  • Boosting investor confidence through greater predictability in how governments deal with major environmental issues.
  • Opening up new markets by stimulating demand for green goods, services and technologies.

This is Circle the MED

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