Tuesday 21 Jul 2020
3rd online debate - “Resilient food supply chains lessons learned”

The outbreak of the coronavirus brings about unprecedented challenges for the EU agri-food sector. The sector responds and adapts to the new circumstances, including logistical disruptions and rapidly evolving demand, with efficiency, supported by measures taken by the European Commission.

With no concerns of food shortage, the EU agri-food sector has so far responded remarkably well to challenges of historical magnitude. Thanks to sustained food demand, EU agriculture has suffered relatively less damage compared to other parts of the economy which are being more affected by lockdown measures. There have been, however, specific impacts and certain agricultural sectors have been hit more severely than others. Beyond labour issues and logistical bottlenecks, the EU food supply chain has to continue adapting to rapid changes in demand, with strong uncertainties on the duration of the crisis and the recovery path in the EU and globally.

Mr. George Kremlis, as President of the Circle the Med Forum and the International “Circular Clima Institute” of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) will host Mr. Konstantinos Skrekas, Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, responsible for the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), Mr. Ioannis Kaltsas, Head of Division for the European Investment Bank lending operations in Greece and Cyprus and Mr. Sergio Ponsá, Director of BETA Technological Center and Coordinator of BETA Research Group.