//   Shaping a Circular Blue Economy in the Mediterranean

Mon 27 Jun - Tue 28 Jun 2022
Shaping a Circular Blue Economy in the Mediterranean

Venue: Four Seasons Nile Boat, 35 Giza Street, Giza 12311 EGYPT

On 27-28 June 2022, the BLUEfasma project celebrates its closure inviting you to attend the Conference “Shaping a Circular Blue Economy in the Mediterranean” in Cairo, Egypt.

Ø  How can circular practices benefit blue sectors and the economy?

Ø  How can regional cooperation, public-private partnerships and science-business collaborations boost the circular economy transition?

Ø  What is the role of civil society?

The environmental challenges deriving from our current economic/development model are critical, especially in the Mediterranean region which is one of the most sensitive to climate change in the world. Aware of these challenges, societies and governments must strive to initiate reforms that can accelerate the adoption of strategies allowing the transition to more sustainable models of production and consumption. Regional cooperation among Mediterranean countries is key in achieving a more Circular Economy and preserve healthy marine and coastal ecosystems while boosting competitiveness in key blue economy sectors.


On the first day, the aim is to foster exchange among key actors of blue economy sectors from both shores of the Mediterranean to identify common challenges and opportunities, share best practices and reinforce the Circular Economy transition. Tools, methods and recommendations will be presented to increase innovation capacity. Public authorities, business, research and civil society representatives are invited to share their perspectives and collaborate in shaping a more Circular Blue Economy in the region.

On the second day, participants will have the chance to gain on-site “blue economy experience” on a field visit.

BLUEfasma project focuses on the sectors of fisheries and aquaculture, aspiring to trigger change and increase the sector’s low Circular Economy innovation performance through the provision of tailored tools and the implementation of BLUEfasma Living Labs in 11 territories, in 9 Mediterranean countries (Cyprus, France, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Malta, Italy, Spain, Portugal).


Let’s shape a Circular Blue Economy together!

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