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Thu 18 Jan - Fri 19 Jan 2024
Mrs. Kameliya Mineva
Mrs. Kameliya Mineva
Member of the Management Board and Executive Director at ProCredit Bank, Bulgaria

Executive director and Member of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Kameliya Mineva is an Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank. She graduated London School of Economics and holds an Executive MBA from University of Sheffield. She also improved her knowledge and leadership skills through the ProCredit Bank Academy in Fürth,
As part of ProCredit Bank's Management Board, Kameliya Mineva is responsible for the development of green policy, the implementation of green taxonomy, the development of green products and services, and the Bank's green loan portfolio.
"In terms of ecology, we set high standards for the effect of our activities on the environment and we see environmental protection as part of our corporate social responsibility policy. As an institution, we adhere to several core principles: we value transparency in our communication with clients, we discourage consumer lending, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint, and we only provide services that are based on both an understanding of the individual client's situation and a thorough financial analysis. ProCredit Bank supports economic development that is consistent with the principles of sustainability and the efficient use of natural resources."

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