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Thu 18 Jan - Fri 19 Jan 2024
Mr. Manolis Baltas
Mr. Manolis Baltas
CEO at ReDePlan AE Consultants
Manolis Baltas is a Civil Engineer (NTUA), with specialized know-how and many years of professional experience (45 years) in studies, constructions,
administration/management of large projects, project groups and business planning projects in the public and private economy. He has participated, with various roles and from various positions of responsibility (Technical Consultant, Project Manager, Researcher, Contractor, Supervisor, etc.) in the implementation procedures of 2200 technical projects and programs.
He has been established and recognized not only in Greece, where the State entrusted him with the management of a multi-person Organization (O.S.K.), in which he served as CEO for seven years, implementing investments with a total budget of €3.49 billion in educational infrastructure projects, but also internationally, where his contribution to the creation of innovative systems and methods of management and production of technical projects, makes him a unique expert.
He is the founder of ReDePlan Consultants SA and from the position of CEO, which he has held for the last 20 years, he has managed many important projects in various areas of entrepreneurship, especially in the areas of real estate development and exploitation, planning, zoning, technical and operational licensing and development of Business Parks and of large professional technical infrastructure projects, as well as projects included in the wider field of alternative waste management & the circular economy.
He is a member of the General Assembly of SEV and participates in numerous institutions and committees of the public and private economy (SEV, HUC, ACCI, Government Industry Committee, National Spatial Planning Council, National Council of Supply Chain, etc.) and, through the submission of documented positions and proposals, legislative initiatives, etc., steadily contributes to the improvement of the business environment, in a vast field of issues.

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Fri 19 Jan | 14:00 - 15:00
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