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Thursday 2 Mar 2023
Mr. Tomaso Comazzi
Mr. Tomaso Comazzi
Communication and Membership Manager at the Network of European Regions for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (NECSTouR)

Tomaso Comazzi has been part of the NECSTouR’s Permanent Secretariat since 2016 as Membership and Communication Manager.

He has been supporting the network in delivering capacity-building and technical assistance to tourism stakeholders, and managing European projects, such as Interreg Europe STAR Cities, Euro-Emotur, and the Interreg Euro-MED. His great expertise in policy communication, European tourism, EU-funded projects implementation, and territorial cooperation, will keep leading our members toward great opportunities. He is Italian and comes originally from Liguria and Lazio. During his Bachelor’s studies at Università degli Studi Roma TRE in Rome with a semester abroad at ULB Université libre de Bruxelles, he developed a strong passion for EU Affairs. He specialised in a Master’s degree in European Studies and International Relationships at Università degli Studi di Firenze. Tomaso previously worked at European University Institute Communication Service in Florence, The New Humanity International NGO and the Assembly of European Regions (AER) in Brussels.  

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