Konstantinos Agorastos
Konstantinos Agorastos

Born in Larissa, Greece 1963. Married, with two children.

He is an Associate Professor Macedonia’s University . He speaks English and French.

He is graduate of the “Higher School for Industrial Studies» of University of Piraeus. He holds a PhD degree of the Bradford University , dpt of Industrial Technology and Management

From 2011 until today he is elected Governor of Thessaly’ s Region.

He was President of the Board of Directors of the Union of Greek Regions (2014- 2019), Second Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Union of Greek Regions (2011-2014), President of Larissa’ s City Council and City Councilor . He was elected Member of the Greek Parliament (2004 - 2009). He was President of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of Greek Parliament, Member of the Standing Committee on Cultural and Educational Affairs of Greek Parliament, Member of Constitutional Revision Committee of Greek Parliament, Member of Committee on the Financial Statement and the General Balance Sheet and the implementation of the State Budget and Member of the Committee of Migration of Greek Parliament

He is Member of the European People's Party (EPP), Member of the Committee of the Regions plenary session , Member of the Commission for Economic Policy of the CoR, Member of the Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget of the CoR, Member of the Commission for Social policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture of the CoR, Member of the Adriatic - Ionian Macro - region IG, Member of the Greek delegation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and Vice President of financial matters to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Operation and member of the Finance Committee of this Assembly.

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