Friday 19 Jun 2020
2nd online debate - “Cleaner Energy and climate neutrality: new avenues to consider”

With more than half of humanity on lockdown during this pandemic, a decline in energy demand was inevitable.

The International Energy Agency stressed that the outbreak of Covid-19 would wipe out demand for fossil fuels by prompting a collapse in energy demand seven times greater than the slump caused by the global financial crisis in 2009

Energy is just one part of the recovery puzzle, but it is a vital one. The choices countries make right now will determine the next generation of energy infrastructure and jobs. They will open or close the space to diversify towards more resilient economies, strongly influenced by Green Deal and the Climate Neutrality targets by 2050.

Mr. George Kremlis, as President of the Organizing Committee of the Circle the Med Forum and the International “Circular Clima Institute” of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) will host Mr Samuel Furfari, Professor of the geopolitics of energy at University libre de Bruxelles, Mr. Markos Damasiotis, Head of the Development Programmes Division of the Hellenic Center for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Mr. Grammenos Mastrojeni, Senior Deputy Secretary General for Energy and Climate Action – Union for the Mediterranean-UFM and Mr. Gianni Chianetta, Chairman Global Solar Council and Head of International Affairs of Italia Solare also founder and Director of Greening the Islands.

  • How is the energy map being reshaped in the era of the pandemic?
  • How has this Pandemic influenced the Green Deal and the recent Climate Action Plan?
  • How can the Eurozone minimize the extent of the planned recession and unemployment rates that will certainly increase in the Energy sector?
  • How can NECP’s be updated with post COVID-19 Data?
  • Since we may not get a better chance than this, how can we turn the page on the Coal Age, the Oil Age and on all fossil fuels?
  • How the European Commission and the UfM can promote carbon neutrality across the MED bassin?