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Thursday 20 May 2021
 Giancarlo Puddu
Giancarlo Puddu

With a background in legal and economic studies, he worked for companies in the legal, financial, IT, digital and green sectors, and for international and supranational bodies/agencies with assignments related to the acquisition and management of information in a wide range of scenarios (geopolitical crisis, economics, finance, etc.), he is currently manager / fractional manager with the role of:

• chief operative officer in firms specialized in strategic business support,

• associate director of strategy in a digital venture capital firm,

• chief strategy officer in a green venture capital firm,

• chief strategy officer in a business innovation accelerator for digital and green business development.

Besides teaching in executive masters and specialisation courses for managers of financial firms and manufacturing companies, he is teacher, visiting speaker, and tutor in post-graduate and degree courses, seminars, and Challenges Labs about economics and management of Innovation and Technology, Decision Support Systems Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Market Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Green Transformation, Business Design and Engineering, Green and Sustainable Finance, and Green Tech Financeability.

As Expert (Senior) Advisor of Unito (University of Turin) for finMED, he is the Team Leader for the design and development of finMED Tool.

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