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The Mediterranean Forum 7th edition
Original music score by Evanthia Reboutsika
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Circle the MED aims to bring together policymakers, political and business leaders, experts and key stakeholders to engage in an interactive dialogue on the urgent need to accelerate the green transition towards climate neutrality and resilience in the Mediterranean. Following of COP28 and before 2024 European elections, Circle the MED 7th edition will provide a unique opportunity to share experiences and best practices on new governance models and the application of the European Green Deal in our societies, while exploring innovative ways to work together towards a more inclusive, sustainable and circular future for the broader Mediterranean, as well as South-East Europe and the Black Sea region.
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A prosperous and peaceful Mediterranean region in which people enjoy a high quality of life and where sustainable development takes place within the carrying capacity of healthy ecosystems by sharing common economic and environmental policy frameworks.

Circle the Med is about rethinking. Is about how we use our raw materials and resources to create a sustainable economy free of waste and emissions. Is about shifting from the current linear model of “take, make, waste” to an economy where we “reduce, reuse, recycle”. Is about cultural differences as well as similarities. Is about sustainable growth. Is about preservation of resources and our way of life by making it sustainable, or technically viable indefinitely.

Circle the Med represents a community promoting the “Med circular way” of thinking.

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